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What is my sexuality??? Am I different from others??? Please help me

I don't know what is my sexuality. Well I'm interested in both boys and girls but you know i never got those erotic feelings or attraction towards any one. In my first relationship my boyfriend kinda forced me for sex and he is more interested in that. When ever he calls he keeps telling me about his fantasies desires everything related to sex and me jst listening that's it Coz i never felt in that way.

Later I had a breakup with him.

I thought so much abt that y don't have any sexual desires or something and y i don't like sex. Even when my friends talk about those things I feel like alone jst sitting there and nodding my head that's all I can do. So i jst wanted to confirm what I'm going through so I'm dating a guy but same thing happened I'm not interested in sex like 0% but jst to make him happy i fake things and lie down like a dead body allowing him to do things. Yes i get wet down there but never felt satisfied in fact i just hate when someone touches me even. What's wrong with me???? Is it normal to be like this??? I'm literally going mad with this thoughts. Is there anything wrong in me???? Please help me???? Is there anyone who feels like me???? Or am I abnormal????

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Re: What is my sexuality??? Am I different from others??? Please help me

I'm not sure but I think you might be asexual?

Keep in mind, asexual and aromantic are 2 different things.

Aromantic being you have no desire for a romantic relationship.

Asexual being you have no or little sexual attraction to others and or desire for sexual relationships.

From what you wrote it seems like you do have romantic interests (males and females) so I'm pretty sure you aren't aromantic.

But the part where you talked about never feeling any erotic/sexual feelings or attraction probably means you're asexual.

But uh- I'm not sure so you should probably wait for someone more experienced with this kind of stuff to reply-

(Also o o f this is hard to read, sorry about that-)