what is success for you?

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what is success to you?

we know what it is to others

to celebrity's

and the rich

and the famous

but what is success for us? for you and me. 

for me i don think success would be money, in being rich. thats not what a thrive to be

or to be around.

and if it was to be famous what would it be for?

SUCCESS... what is success for me?

living while living?

being afraid while being brave??

WHAT would success be for the world?


what would success be for the world???!

im no longer interested in what it would be for me, i think its less interesting now.

what, would, success, be, like, for, the, world?

what does the world thrive for? what does Earth. EARTH, thrive for? what does earth invison as success?

Now THAT is something id like to know, that is something id like to manifest

Earths Success. i wish earth luck.