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I haven't been diagnosed by a specialist yet but I'm pretty convinced I have a mental disorder or something like that. I am awfully shy. Yes I know it's normal to be shy and there are a lot of shy people out there but mine is just too much.My voice goes so high when I'm talking to people that are not my immediate family members and everyone believes that's my normal voice but it isn't. I've tried to deepen it but I just can't so I'm stuck with being a 17 year old with a chipmunk voice. Other than that, I can't have a normal conversation with people. Half of the time will be the person telling me to speak louder or just awkward silence and if I talk I usually say something embarrassing. Because of this I barely have any friends and I am not close with any of my cousins. I really want to be normal but I don't know what to do.

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