What is wrong with my self worth and self esteem?

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I feel like something is just wrong with me. I can never accept the possibility that someone might actually find me pretty and attractive and desirable as a human being. I used to be a chubby teen. I lost the weight and I'm now a healthy weight. Yet no matter what I still find myself unappealing and I cant even imagine anyone ever finding me desirable no matter what. I keep finding flaws even when from an outsiders perspective I probably look normal.

No man has shown interest in me so far(I'm 21) and I just cannot imagine anyone ever showing any in the future either. I just want to know how to accept myself even after doing everything I can to become what I'd assume I'd find pretty and attractive. I'm never going to be happy with myself or respect myself enough to find value in my self as a desirable person, both on the outside and on the inside. I just feel ugly as a being. What the fuck is wrong with me how do I stop this.

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