what makes you upset/angry?

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I so very much hate inequality. There are so many people are separated by financial status, age, gender, ethnicity, even by the way you look. It was just yesterday that my father had shamed a man for being homeless and african american. As my family and I were walking into the restaurant a man who had no home to go to asked from food, not money, but food. My family has trouble giving money to people who have no place to call home since they don't know if they'll use it to help themselves rather than hurt themselves. Back onto the point, he asked for food and my father said no. Not many people are willing to give but my father claims he has nothing he can give him. After ordering the food we were asked to wait outside since it's their covid procedure. My father said something along the lines of "I don't want to, there's a black homeless man out their and I don't wanna wait out their". He may have not expressed that he didn't like him straight up, but the way he said it and worded it let everyone in their know he's racist. Then continued to say to me and my siblings that he has nothing he can offer to him, he says that right after he paid $80 for a meal for just 5 people. Not even 5, since my grandmother eats small portions. He emphasized "black" and "homeless" making it seem as if hes higher than him. You can be the richest man or woman in the world and you won't be higher than a man or woman who has nothing but the side of the road to call home, and a hole in the dirt to call your bathroom, and the rain to call a shower. My father did two things that made my blood boil, he shamed him for his race, then shamed him for his financial status. I came here to rant about this, but all I could think about while writing this is how I did nothing. I did absoultly nothing but clench my fist and ignored my father. I didn't tell him he was wrong, I didn't tell him that he was a liar, I didn't tell him he was being completely rude, and most of all I didn't try to help that man when he needed help most. I just stood there. That's what eating me up. I say I hate, but I did nothing to change it. It makes me a coward, and just as wrong as my father.

Although I did wrong, I want to say one more thing. God made us to be equal, not one is higher than the other except for his son Jesus and God himself.