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what should i do

before the pandemic happened, i really didnt know what career to choose. i really like acting and modeling, but im shy and i dont have talent, and im not physically fit to be in those kinds of industry. so i decided to take a fashion designing course. but as the covid-19 cases started worsening here in our country, our government decided to put us in lockdown. i was thinking nothing related to my career when one of my friends sent me a link. regarding my favorite book. the link states that the book will be having a movie adaptation. and i really want to audition for a role. any role. i really want to be one of those characters. but i know i really dont have the talent. so for the past 5 months ive been really anxious about it. my heart would beat so fast if i think about it. but i always remind myself to not think about it because its never going to happen. as school is starting, i really cant help but be reminded of my dream. i really want to be a part of the cast. what should i do?