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what should I do??

So umm, I have a confession to make 😶

I promise I'm not proud of it at all !!!

so, it all started when I read my first yaoi comic n I actually really liked it! (at the time I didn't know that boys love was a genre) so I searched up more yaoi comics to read.

and so my older sister and I r very similar so I telling her she should read this other comic (not yaoi) and I was telling her I'd give her a lot of good comics to read, and I kinda hinted that I liked yaoi, I said "I've read a lot of bl comics", then I guess she didn't get it, and probably thought that I was reading something wholesome. Then she went on a rant on how fujoshis are not good cuz they're fetishizing gay people and stereotyping them, and I 100% agree with that!! but I just can't stop reading them, anddd umm.. I've also masturbated to it.. but then when I think of myself having sex with a man I don't like it at all and straight porn doesn't work for me now... yaoi is what turns me on now.....

i know I shouldn't be doing this, any of this!!! but I just cant!!!