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what should i do?

we became friends back in 7th along and everything was going to really good, im 8th grade we were put in different classes, i say things changed from here. we met everyday at lunch , and in 8th she started joking around saying how she has more fun with these 2 other friends of hers than us and when we made a joke and we all laughed about it her comment would be "lol it wasnt even that funny" . one day a friend in our group had enough of this and confronted her , they made up when they both apoligised, now in quarantine, the only means we can communicate is throught text. now here is where im doubting if this all is toxic, she always talks about some guy who she says they both have a thing going on . and tells me so so so many stories , and so many of them i felt like , "but these sound too good to be true , but i gave her the benefit of the doubt and" thought maybe her life is just full of a lot of drama , but drama ever single day..was getting a little too much , furthermore in our society the adults are really strict and dont allow boys and girls to talk a lot , further adding to my doubt , and even though shes talking about this guy for almost 2 years now , she hasnt shown one single picture, but even if these maybe fake or may not be , the part that stings me the most is when, she dosent know how to listen, she dosent try at all to sound intrested and most of my texts about my life get ignored by her , or just gets ended with a "oh" or a "ok" , and im getting really tired about this . and i wanted to say is it a really bad thing that shes starting to copy me...? she put the same profile pic as me , changed her status to the same as mine , i am not so sure if i should be upset... this is the first time all of this is happening. so can anyone give me advice?