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what should i do with my life?

i'm 17 and i hv problems choosing a carrer.

-good at school....i just dont see a subject i'd want my life to revolve around

-i like art but sometimes i get tired of it, plus u gotta b lucky to make money with it

-i'm good at math but dont c myself as a mathematician nor actuary or anything financial

-chemistry is my favorite science but i hate labs...

-i dont like the other subjects i just get ok grades in them

Any suggestions?

btw i'm tired of doing those online tests and googling best carrers in blah blah blah

-nothing with sports nor acting/singing

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Re: what should i do with my life?

Are there any specific interests that you have?

i know you said you enjoy art sometimes, but anything else?

Do you like crime shows?



What’s something that you find deeply interesting?

Do you like being around people?

Do you work well in groups?