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What should I do????help meee

I met a guy on snapchat ...we became friends 3 months ago ..he was almost crushing on me(i am so much beautiful ,i have so many admirers ....i look like a model.. I am 17 yr girl..but I never had a boyfriend ) we talked for few days but I used to ignore him.....i thought he was like other creeps....but after adding him on insta I came to know that he is from most reputed family in our city and he is really single.....he is too much decent .....he only talked with me....now I have got a majorrr crush on him.....i don't know how he feels now....he don't reply to my cute snaps nowadays but on insta if I share memes or text him he texts ne back as soon as he is online and also send me meme sometimes......he texted my bestfriend (she is also damn cute) 2days ago jst to ask about me and he was praising me so much on my nature and sense of humour and personality .....he never comments on any post(i stalked)but comment on mine..... (he is average in looks also he is an ambivert/omnivert) he texts me and goes offline asap until I send him any next text .....i am added on his every social media accounts ....i got many friend requests from his close frnds even his cousins when i told him this he made them cancel request....his closest cousin is only added to my insta(his cousin can flirt with any fake account slso,but even after following me he never even texted me) .....i asked him reason for being single till now then he said he never found his type he is 19 yrs....he crushed on me but nevrr sent any dirty msg...in the begining he has promised me to take on brunch or coffee and also long drive on bike when this corona lockdown is open but now he is not flirting with me ......what does this mean all plz guyz help me.....Should I propose him??????

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Re: What should I do????help meee

Girl stop over thinking things first of all. This lockdown was hard on everyone of us. He may be taking his time or may be busy with some stuff. Please Do not propose him on phone. These kind of things are better to be said on face.

And don't think too much. Do ur own stuff m sure u have a lot of things to do except thinking about what's he thinks about you and if he is chatting with other girls.

Don't rush take it slow give him his time. If he likes you he will come around🙂

Take care of yourself. Peace✌