What the hell does sadness even mean?

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Have you ever wanted or have laid in bed and listening to music while crying? Well yeah i do that a lot too but i have no reason for it, i literally have no reason to cry. Perhaps if I had reason it would probably be about something that happened about 6 years ago. It’s like i cant get rid of sadness and I understand because you cant. Sadness is a emotion and everyone has it. Your not alone but still I have a great life and I’m grateful for everything i have for example i have family, friends, and amazing pets. I have a great life with amazing people in it. So that means i have no reason to be sad i just don’t understand whenever i put headphones in a just wanna sit there and cry but i doesn’t make any sense because i seem happy but really just because i seem happy doesn’t mean i actually am. But that’s okay, been there done that I don’t understand why when the night comes around my perspective changes why my mood changes I don’t know maybe it’s because I’m alone and then i can cry without people judging me, but again why do i feel like crying i have no reason too.