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What to do?

My dad's death reaches 6 months as of this Sunday and none of my friends know and they have been an my ass all week to be more happy and to talk more. I feel like they don't care but I am in high school and if i leave i will be the loner.

So i have two options be with fake people or be alone

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Re: What to do?

Tell them about your dad's death. People are more capable of compassion than you think. If they're being an asshole about it then just don't be friends with them. It takes time and energy to find good people to be friends with so don't worry too much about not having a "group" or a "clique". Grief is hard and complicated, if you can maybe try to find help from your school Councillor to go through it.

Don't surround yourself with people who don't care about you because you will soon find yourself not caring for other people either.