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WHat tO dO??

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Sometimes, in life decisions are not about right or and white.. Some depend on situations and few depend on perspective to look at those things. In this dilemma of choosing the perfect so called right decision we end up getting stressed and feel like to run away from things instead facing them as it’s easier to do that instead facing consequences of wrong choices we made. We go online read articles, blogs, and sometimes also watches video on how to take difficult decisions… but at the end we are back to square 1… read few quotes on taking risk facing them and moving ahead ..we pumped ourselves with the temporary things that makes us feel good at that time and now to take one single decision which we were suppose to take with calm compose mind it’s affected by several things...and that’s how we take a decision…. Other factors are taking opinions from experienced people ... than talking with ur loved one’s they do help to some extent and sometimes contribute to the right choice.. The way I take my decision when I am in a dilemma and don't know whether it’s right or wrong or what's next.. I just toss one coin and decide .. i know it sounds funny and completely illogical and totally immature behaviour..but i would like to make my point here..the reason behind this is when the coin is in the air you get hear inner voice of exactly what u want n in those milliseconds we just pray that please it should be this.. And that’s the exact point where I know what I really want .. n yes now i am not bothered by the coin tossed result… bcoz i have arrived at my decision..TADA!!!...