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I honestly don’t know where to start this but here it goes:

I’m coming out of an abusive and toxic relationship. My self esteem and confidence is shot. Since I’ve been seeing this new guy, things have been great but I worry things are moving too fast.

He wants kids. Based on my past family experiences and knowledge of my own health, I’ve never considered the thought of getting married and having my own family. Hell, it’s scared me when I have. But I know how badly he wants that and I want to give it to him. We’re visiting his family (me for the first time) and in our drunken moments, I mentioned us having one. He wants to start trying but is going to basic for the army soon and my health isn’t great.

I guess what I’m saying is I’m worried I can’t give him what he wants. He tells me he’s fine if I don’t want kids or anything but I’ve seen how he is with his nieces and nephews. I don’t want to deny him of his dreams