What to do in a situation like this?

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Actually, today i texted him after a long time.I'm not sure he will reply me!

We said we share a bond of bestfrnd. But the thing which i don't talk with him anymore now is that he confessed his feelings last yr. I'm astonished never expecting this frm him.I hve nothing feelings like that, i called him as bro and genuinely i hve a huge repect towards him. He is one yr older than me. We have or had (no idea) a frndship for almost 4 yrs.Yeah he is a rare frnd to me. We share everything personal or proffesional. Never lied but he did lie by hiding his feelings for almost a year! I'm not that much comfortable wid him as i was be4.I'm neither sad nor hurt but i can't express what I'm feeling ri8 now. Sometime i wanna to be far away frm him and smetime i miss him. I didn't accept his feelings he is just a gud frnd and i admire him alot. Whenever i tried to be free with him i always scared and the proposal thoughts came to my mind! And i become nervous what to reply or should i reply? I'm comfused with this situation.He was a guy with whom i talked so much.Yes he was a special person in my life (maybe is) , a guidance to my dreams, supporter, a well wisher but never thought of making him my bf nor in my dreams! I'm glad i met him. We are frm same school and college, we were intimate. I never made any boy bestfrnd before i met him... He was the only one whom i trust more than anyone. Aah! There's many things to share.

Today i texted him after a long time! I was hesitating, nervous. Wht if he not reply... Will this frndship end like this!¿ I will not mind if he will not reply but sad thinking of loosing a special person! A frndship is an important thing for a person like me.We made some promises and i know u will fulfill it by hook or by crook!

~Blessed meeting you!