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What would u do if u were me?

Okay.. so my situation is like this... my current boyfriend is super sweet, we've been together a few months y'alland this is my first time not being in a psychologically abusive and super toxic relationship, he treats me well and we talk about having a possible future together all the time! But.. unfortunately, not everything is as bliss as we'd hope for… before we got together, he had someone whom he was sexually involved with but were not official as they both agreed to stay friends.. he immediately trashed her for me and she gets all butt hurt cause apparently she's been waiting for him to make it official with her and put up with being his “friend” .. i mean, honestly, that ain't nobodies fault but her own but she mad we're happy so she been causing us mad drama since we got together. Shes an extremely manipulative person often plays the victim card while making up lies to support her claim.. y'all shes a terrible person…and now she's pregnant 🙃 and is claiming it's his.. apparently she got preggo before he trashed her and got with me. Of course we're getting a blood test, but I'm worried if in case the kid is his, what do i do? This isn't his first child so him having a kid was never a problem (his baby's mother is not the crazy ex-friend in case u were wondering) and i also have a child from my ex. But this situation is a bit different for me… if you were me, what would you do?

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Re: What would u do if u were me?

Only You can know what life will be like having this childs mother in your life for, at least, the postborn immediate future anyway.Plus the fact that his feelings for HER, b/c OF the child might change? Remember, they are still friends &He may not see her as the terrible person you do b/c He probably expects this behavior from her b/c you're with him now and He KNOWS she wants him back so???(its kinda normal from a guys POV).The reason say all this is b/c I want ya to weigh the possibilty of him getting back WITH her /b/c OF the baby. Now, if this test reveals He's not the father,I still worry b/c Im keepin in mind that this is STILL his FRIEND, and it was a friend with benifits......Yeah...She's no doubt gonna be in need after this child comes, especially if the father is N/A, and I dont think the child will slow down her manipulative ways, especially on social media. Im happy for ya that you've found someone who treats you well and I hope that theres more to him that you value than just that.Sounds like either way it goes, your gonna have to deal with this "friend"regardless.Just be careful and watch that this " post sexually invovled friendship" stays casual. Cant give a real answer on this one.Just wanted to throw some things out to think about.Only time can reveal answers.