cruel joke


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Life in itself is a punishment, the word immortality has a negative connotation because nobody wants to live through life that long. Think about it, we go around doing stuff building relationships only for them to get ruined by time. And as we go around doing stuff we develop easier ways to live and now we have vaccines and technology but in reality what has that really brought us? It’s still the same as it was before just now new problems have developed. We always say that we are working on improving our society but there’s still war, still villains, still secrets, still racism, still sexism. Humanity will always be the same it’s just our instinct. We are biologically very vain creatures, who tend to care more about themselves then anyone else. So why doesn’t anyone realize that I’m doing all this and working so hard on these stupid objectives it’s not getting us anywhere if anything it’s causing more problems. Just stop trying it’s always going to be the same and we don’t learn after our mistakes. Sometimes I think that god put us here just for a cruel joke. Just for us to live in acid and suffocate then die.