What’s the chances of me living after this game?

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I want to play a game with myself, the universe, maybe even fate if you will. First I’m gonna starve myself and see how long I can go until they eventually bring me to the hospital and shove tubes down my throat. Then I’m going to see how many cuts it takes for them to care because two armfuls wasn’t enough apparently. Then for the finale I’ll down a bottle of Advil with a few people in the house with me, giving me a 50-60% chance of getting sent to the hospital again and getting my stomach pumped. And if I survive the last level, I can assume I’ll be put in a psych ward or something; so for the bonus level I’ll run around and try to kill myself 3 more times and watch as the people in there try their best to keep me alive. And if I do survive this game of chance, I swear to myself that I’ll try to pull my life together. I’ll promise to never attempt suicide again, I’ll eat, I’ll try to become a not so shitty human, and I swear I’ll live the coolest, richest, fullest fucking life until I do die. The game starts after my birthday on Friday. I’m excited to see how things will unfold.

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