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Whats the Point in Life?

I keep on asking my self whats the point in life. People say to die, to have fun with your friends but I think after all-your progress in life after you work to be fit, study to be smart, your progress will disappear at the end. There is no point in living, you die at the end. If you are a popular person you will get in a lot of arguments and lots of people will hate you sometimes, but if your lonely you don’t get in argument and you wont be hated because you do nothing to others and your just a normal person. Why does people want to live? Why are we living? I want to do, but not by suicide only by another person killing me! Why bother living when other people hate you and you get in arguments I WANT TO DIE...

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Re: Whats the Point in Life?

It's true that u die in the end , it's true that some times it gets really hard , but u don't need to live for fun with friends, it's true that life is a bitch, but once u try to get the bitch under ur control , isn't it pleasureable? It feels pointless rn , but is it really pointless? Or are we just....not at our best right now? Remember being a kid when we thought there's no point in eating veggies , why are they feeding us this , it's pointless......was it? Sometimes we can't understand it at the moment and its okay , maybe, future had something? It'll be okay, I am proud of u for trying and I believe in u, I'm here if u wanna talk :)