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whats wrong with me why couldnt he pick me ?

I miss him, but honslty not sure he misses me:/ which that's the saddest part. I don't think he even thinks about me, I thought he would but not a chance. idk what's wrong with me why doesn't he want me and wants my "friends" wtf is this , I literally gave him everything, everything. its not so hard to love me is it? at some point I feel like u used me to get pictures at sum point , u ss them, but I thought I could trust you. after everything u did to me , I still want u in my life. im literally an idiot for believing u and trusting you, honestly fuck you fuck you fuck you ugh i hate u for everything u did to me . UGH i miss u but i hate u , but i love you, but ik u dont love me back. what a waste of 2 years what do u think huh, i literally could of given someone else my love. see every boy wanted me and did i got for them no because i didnt want them i want u . but when girls wanted you u went for them , and u always said "im single" ok and what about us what about the 2 years huh. and then when my " friends" ask u , you said yes so thats a choice and when it came to me if a boy ever played a finger on me you would of got mad right and i told you that i dont want them i only want you. you still didnt belive me but whne it came to someone doing that i was jealous as while and when i told you why u did that this would always be ur excuse would always be " im single" tf. people would not even read this bc when i say soemthing ppl see it and say nothing its like the ppl in my life that don't even care how i fuckin feel .

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Stay strong and move on

Don't be sad you sounds like strong girl and you have to be strong don't waste your on some who don't care about you .

Just move on I know it's not not easy but you have to because your future is waiting for you

Forget the past.

I also fall for some but she's never loved me she used me and thrown me out like a tissue but I tried to move on and now I moved on.

You have to stay strong and don't think about him.

Think about your life and your future