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When I was young I sexually assaulted my sister and her friend

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When I was a young boy - around 7 or 8, I would touch my sister, finger her and force her to give me head. We never had sex but I have felt so guilty about it my whole life. We lived in the same house but drifted apart after that and when she was about 20, she confronted me about it and blew up in my face. I confessed everything to my parents and brother one day and since then they have ostracised me. I also touched one of her friends when she was sleeping and I used to spy on her friends when they were in their bikinis etc. Although I was a young boy I knew that what I was doing was wrong - I was just curious and wanted to explore my sexuality but nowadays I am completely broken inside and my life is shattered. I’m a shell of the person I used to be and I just wish I could go back and never have done that… God help me because I’m afraid that one day I’m going to kill myself…

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