When u view urslef as a Failure

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Many times we get put down by people and humiliated by them , u feel bad like a loser bit this is when u feel u have put down yourself, your parents ,your education, your teachers.Its when u feel like a failure.I feel like that a lot and have learnt to mask it too extremely well but there have been a few slips.

I am a ballerina and now when physical classes have started I have been corrected for everything like what I have been working for these several months during the pandemic was all wrong.My teacher is working to change my foot structure rnn and a month ago I did terribly in the examination I gave after I saw the results.It made my doubt everything, double check my skill and now after that each class I go to I feel more and more of a disappointment to me my family my teacher.

And countless Times I feel like I am disappointment to my parents, I tried too hard to be the perfect daughter but everything I do makes me more reckless and usless in their eyes I feel.I have stopped trying now i take thr hate comments everytime my mother accuses me of being something I am not , everytime my Father calls me out on something I make myself more sullen and hopeless.How can I tell them that I am who they feel I am to them is cuz they don't expect anything from me ,it's cause they have branded me for being that thing and when I try to show my true side they call it off as a act of me being fake.So that's what I do now ,I am the person the accuse me of being cuz I ahve stopped trying stopped trying cuz ik how many times I wana tell them that they are my entire world and I am soo grateful for them but even if I do they Will call it off as a simple act of my selfishness, I just want them to know that I love them and it sucks for them to not believe it.

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