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where's my happy ending?

I feel like everyone i love is slowly fading away. My best friend is figuring out their future with no struggle and of course i'm happy for them but, i'm jealous. I don't know what I want to spend my life doing yet and i'm scared that i'll never know. I'm so jealous of everyone, their success, their happiness, everything. Since they're lives are so perfect they don't even really need me at this point. Why can't i be as lucky as them? Why do i mask my emotions just so they can be happy? Why do people call me the bad guy when all i'm doing is reaching out? I'm sick and tired of keeping all my emotions inside, i'm sick and tired of waiting for my happy ending when i know it will never show up in my story.

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Re: where's my happy ending?

I feel the same way. Lately everyone only sees the wrong I do but forgets or fails to see all of the good I do for them. Time to invest more in yourself I guess.

I’m struggling doing just that because I care so much about others and put others before me but it’s getting me nowhere.