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Who is she?

"Who is she? Moira asked Rocco, referring to the Queen bee.

"She's your one guarantee of protection. Come on, I have to take you to the doctor. Don't worry, he can be trusted." As they walked out, Moira's mother following, Jane whispered to her husband, "Huie, follow her, then call me when she settles down in one place. My bitchy half-sister is about to lose her virginity whether she likes it or not." Don't do anything to forfeit that million a year, Hugh cautioned. "All or nothing, Huie, baby," Jane snapped. Now move your ass! Except for his wife and George Hyde, Hugh Walker was the last person to leave the attorney's office. He knew Jane, knew her only too well. When she got a bug up her ass, there was no way to get it out So he shrugged and simply accepted what was going to happen. He was surprised her father hadn't known that Jane screwed around on the side. He was surprised there hadn't been some clause in the will concerning her fidelity. As soon as Hugh was gone, Jane locked the office door, then turned to George Hyde and said, "I promised I'd make it memorable for you if the will turned out to be good news, George. I think that was rotten news." Your father wanted to leave you out altogether, and I convinced him otherwise. That should be enough to put you in my debt, Jane, George insisted.

"You bastard," she raged. I don't owe you shift! "You owe me your cunt," George replied, and I'm going to collect." You know I'm telling you the truth. I not only had him mention you for that million a year, but it was my idea to make you the next heir in case something happened to Moira. Jane paused for a moment. At this point, it was important to keep George Hyde on her side. She had to convince him that, if anything did happen to Moira, she, herself, was not involved.

George walked over to the wide leather couch at the far end of his office, and sat, motioning for her to do the same. She did so, and abruptly, he put a hand on her knee, saying, "I promised you something worthwhile, and a million a year is not exactly a kick in the ass, considering Harry might have left you a whole lot of nothing. I've been after that.....