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Whoops I fucked up

I came on my boyfriends little sisters vibrating tooth brush because I thought that it was mine. I feel horrible. Shes going to have my pussy in her mouth. I feel so bad, what the fuck am I gonna do. I cleaned it but like what the fuck. I'm a horrible person. Too horny for my own good. Rubbed myself all over it because I was drunk as fuck. Dont wanna throw it away because they're expensive as fuck.

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Re: Whoops I fucked up

It's unsanitary to leave it like that & a bit asinine to let her use it after u did that. It's just disrespectful to your boyfriend to do that to his little sister too. If u care abt him u can't do that to his little sister. Just throw it away and leave as much cash as it costs so she can buy a new one