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I don't know how to start and where to start. It all started in few months back when things started changing not the way I expected. I feel like a failure and for no reason I break down for small things and I started getting these thoughts "What is Life ??" , "Why am I living??" , "Why do people need to live?". I feel everything is connected "I eat because I need to survive" and "I work because that gives me money to buy food" and I do small things which makes me happy like dance, watching a comedy etc.. but the main question gets into picture "So, what happens if I live??". All these thoughts and lots of them are literally screwing me making me want to end life. I know it's a sin to end life but feels like whats the purpose of me living. I don't have guts to end my life but I just don't know. I just feel like to get away far from everything. Don't feel like getting up, started getting scared of everything mainly life, feels like this world is a cruel place to live