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I barely eat compared to my friends i eat around 800 calories I visualise my body online it’s not what I’m meant to look like so why, why am I so fat I work out hours of days so why.i am at my lowest I can’t go out I can only wear hoodies and leggings otherwise I cry everytime.I feel people staring and laughing.all my friends say lighten up, they don’t know what it’s like to be the fat friend who looks in the mirror every5 minutes who cry’s every night thinking about how they could kill them selves.They don’t feel self conscious when wearing jeans.They can eat whatever they want do and wear whatever they want not workout so why am I so fat.why can’t it just go away does it even get better

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Re: Why

Hey you’re not alone with this

i feel exactly the same way

i could go to the gym all day everyday and eat very little and somehow end up gaining weight

i hate looking in the mirror

i hate showering haha or getting dressed seeing my body

i hate weighing myself to see the numbers go up

i just wish I had a flat stomach and then I would be happy

that’s all I ask for