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Why? Just why? I ask myself everyday, why dont you care? Why dont you pay attention? Why dont you listen? Why am I ignored? Why do i get left out? Why, oh Why me.. my family they call me lazy they yell at they yell at to do something, they yell at me for absolutely no reason, then they asked why I never leavmy room.. my friends they contractually like me they tolerate me, I get left out of everything, I just recently went to a birthday party for one of my "friends" they forgot about me in her room while they were down stairs talking to some boy, then we went to they park, they were ignoring me so I sat under a tree then they sat under another tree on the other side of the park, and they almost didnt tell me we were lea ing they literally almost left without me, ofc I was upset about that and it didnt help that I lost my grandpa a day before.. but no they didnt care, I feel like a burden everywhere I go its ridiculous the only thing getting me by without crying every night is my cat that seems to be ther for me more than anyone else, I do often cry myself to sleep though, my cat just helps it not be every night, when getting yelled by my family they say I'm lazy. Disrespectful. Loud. Annoying. Stupid. Dumb. Idiotic. And if they are really trying to upset me they will offend call me fat and ugly which I already no but they dont have to say it. My parents are always telling me to clean but never my sisters when it thier turn to clean a certain chore they will tell me todo it, then when I say it's my sisters they will just yellatme saying that what I always say and they are the parent so I have to listen and clean.. GAWD IM JUSY SO FUCKING ANNOYED ALREADY... if you actually read all of that thank you