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why am i feeling this?

hihi, my name is ni, i'm 16, my relationship is tight right now, i'm feeling a bunch of jealousy and insecurity. my lover, sophie, is amazing and wouldnt do anything to hurt me, her ex-crush (tye) and our friend (tina), lets just say im not a big fan of them atm. im not sure why im jealous of tina, but i know why im jealous of tye, i'm jealous because im scared she'll fall back in love with him. i want her to be mines and mines only, im quite possessive and clingy, she likes it for an odd reason. i tried searching online to find ways not to be as clingy anymore, but it doesnt work since we're distanced, i always seem to ruin the conversation by making it sad. i hate my life, i dont deserve her, i love her too much, i dont want her to leave yet.