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why am I like this?

I’ve cried all day. I laid in bed & won’t get up. I put my chores aside & have no energy to do anything, I’m going into work tomorrow with eyes that look like I got an allergic reaction. (It made me laugh though, reminds me how pathetic I am). today is the first steps to new routine & to trying harder.

my anxiety has gotten so bad that I know I’m going crazy, also my depression worsen. but I won’t do anything bad. It feels good to write how I feel down.

I feel like I’m not going anywhere in life, I’m not happy where I’m at, I won’t & can’t do anything to better it. I don’t have the motivation & I don’t have the knowledge I need to do so.

I try to be a positive person, but I honestly can’t even hold a conversation with someone to even remember the little things that they’re saying. & then I feel bad cause I don’t remember certain things sometimes when someone ask me questions about them. Yeah that’s pretty shitty, what’s wrong with me.

I also tried to make friends last night, but I think I traumatized myself because I overthink the whole night & ended up giving out bad energy. I’m definitely not ever trying that again. sometimes I talk to much & I feel regretful of everything I say & have opinions on. why must I be this way.

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2 months ago

Take a breather

What makes you anxious? The uncertainty of the world? Being alone? Or fear of people's judgement? Sometimes I feel that way. I feel like shit and hide in my cocoon.

I dunno if Im taking the right path or just wasting my time. Should I quit to start over or keep moving forward.

I don't know what I'm living for or whats my goal. Just an empty path.

being a bad parent, no good career, fear for my child’s future, my relationship/friendship just ended, people’s judgment, YES!, can’t make friends & choosing loneliness... the list goes on, it never ends.

restless mind I tell you!!

but a peaceful smile on the outside, you wouldn’t even know.

I would say keep moving forward! make the best of what you can. Everyday is a fresh start.

i would also have to agree on the empty path & not knowing my goal. makes me sad.

I wish you well & I hope you end up happy & successful, as well as for everyone on here <3

I totally feel you. Dealing with my own depression/anxiety. I'm nowhere near where I should be by now. When I think about the things I could/ should do to change my situation, I just get overwhelmed and idk if I'm even capable. I hate talking to what few friends I have about it bc I feel like I'm a burden or just a bummer. But it does feel good to vent

Some nights I’m alone with my thoughts. and I feel as though I’m sinking in my bed as my whole body goes numb. I sleep in and still feel tired and restless all day long. but I can never seem to get myself up and out of bed to do something productive. I fall asleep feeling alone even though i know i have people around me. and I wake up with no motivation to do a single thing