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Why am I peeing so much

I always pee often. But not a lot at once. In last 8 hrs I’ve peed about 8 times. Each time a lot & pure white. My pee often is totally clear.

However; last time I started pee this much it then went insane. I started throw up & crap water. Lots of it. Then I went into renal failure. I’m still paying that bill. Probably will be till die.

Let’s pray that’s not it again.

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Re: Why am I peeing so much

I know very little abt medicine or health, but maybe you just drink too much water? it could be over hydration (a real thing I've had a mild version of) otherwise I have no clue and if it gets worse, talk to a doctor please.

keep track of your water intake, it shouldnt be too high. look up how much water you should be drinking.

my only advice or ideas, sorry.