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why am i so attracted to dumb people???

Like what,,, u can barely do simple additions like 1+1 without calculator,, u have fno filter,,,, you dont knwo that gucascamole is judtsd aocvcocado sauce,,, uwoul d drifngk lava for the fuckkginf hell of it,,, u droppwde out fof college snand still livef in your parents basement,,, you bareilly haved a cgrip on your down fucking lfei?????? reallly???? U promise?

Like dont tell me that ur spontaneous as shitr and talkd or dfrool in your sleep that just,,, makes it better. U dumb bitch. Oyou absoklugte fuckign idiot. choke me


Luv i am acktually alex dunphy<3

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Re: why am i so attracted to dumb people???

The following is to shed some light on why you attract dumb people:

"Like what?"


"without a calculator"
































These are just your spelling mistakes. This extremely long list does not even account for your gross grammar mistakes. Maybe this is why you only end up with stupid people. Because this drives the smart ones away. YOU are why you date dumb people. Your social circle is an image of who you are.