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why am i so insecure

me and my girlfriend have been dating for 2 months now, though we have known each other for about 4-5 months before we started dating. i have always had horrible trust issues, not even sure where they come from, and they have only gotten worse since this relationship started. my girlfriend has a best friend, they have been friends since like birth or something. i have met him before and he seems cool, and totally not her type. but before i met him, at the beginning of us dating, she would sometimes not respond to me for hours, only to text me “ hey bby, sorry for not responding to any of your texts, i was with *best friend*” this only made me more upset. now, the logical thing to do would be to tell her immediately that she can’t just ghost me for 4 hours, just to tell me she’s at her guy friends house. but i didn’t, i waited until the next day, and even then, i didn’t completely voice my opinion. the funny part is, she did the EXACT SAME THING LATER THAT NIGHT. typing this out really makes me think that she fucked co- oops, almost typed his name out. now lately i have convinced my self other wise given the fact that she has showed me with more love than humanly possible, but that’s where the insecurities come in play. i see so many people *mostly guys * on social media (instagram, tik tok) who are so much more attractive than me! though they could be assholes. now i don’t like to praise my self, but is am often told that i am very attractive, and some times i think so too. but then my girlfriend will post something about how much she loves me, and i will see my side profile and i think “why would she love some one as stupid looking as me?!?” fuck i’m getting so tired of this stupid car ride, and thinking about her with other guys is making me nauseous, maybe i should rant about something else. until then