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whyis it do hard for my boyfriend to make time for me? We have been in a long distance relationship. I get it, he will be busy, I don't expect to be called more than once a day. 10 mins a day, is that so hard to spare for me. He says he needs to make friends there,finish his seminars and paper work. Who's stopping him? 10 mins a day? Is that so fucking hard?

I so want to video call him, but no, he's never free. Once in 10 days, A video call, is that so hard?

I have to insist that he calls me on video, and then there always has to be someone who turns up after like 5 mins of us talking and then thats it. No call for that day, and even the next day sometimes.

Why do I have to go through this. Why can't I find myself something to keep busy. I know he isn't cheating on me or anything. He just likes his space. But what about me then. I hate this.

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