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My physical needs and the expectations of nudes and physical stuffs are on peak. But she isn't ready to give it to me. I like think about it the whole day will she send me?, How should i convince her?, and we had a break up as i expected too much and she said i shouldn't expect anything from her? Like what she will expect i give her good morning texts and talk to her and ask about her but i shouldn't expect! I felt shit. Than the stuff was been processed into my mind and eventually i thought that i should've not asked and i thought to me that every persons have their choice kinda OVERTHINKER. Now we don't talk and i am like a living dead. I messaged her 2 days back but she just told me she doesn't wants to talk.I kept my self respect on a cliff 'expecting' it would not fall down but the weight of expectations made it. Now i just think about it and go masturbate. I don't want to but it is pulling me and i just needed my girl with whom i would talk and things would be sorted and urges of my physical need would be at the back. But if she would've cared then that would have showed up. I just get urges the whole day.Don't know what could i do. I gather my will power but to no avail.I've only this much to say and the time you gave to read my problem is really appreciated. Only one advice that never leave a relationship in which both the two are ready to fulfill each others expectations. Any suggestions are greatly needed and expected!

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Hi, if she didn't feel comfortable giving you nudes then don't expect any. Just because you show her basic respect does NOT mean you are entitled to nudes. If you have a future relationship, respect the person's boundaries and it'll work out. No means no. If they don't want to give you a picture don't keep pushing for one. Have a good day/night.

- bubblesoapz