why can’t i just have one person that loves me

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u used to love me. then she came back into ur life and i don’t have u to call u mine anymore. u left and u don’t a give a shit that u have lost me. u are the reason i will trust no guy ever again. i won’t let any guy get close to my heart and hurt me like u hurt me. u tossed me away and don’t give it a second thought . u don’t understand how much it broke me . “thank u for everything” is what i said. “ok” is what u said. was i not good enough for u . obviously that’s it why else would u say u love me every hour of the day then leave like everyone else did. but u weren’t just anyone else. u were mine and i was urs. why did u have to leave . i don’t get it. u said u would die without me but now u have her and i don’t have anyone. and i won’t have anyone again.

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