Why cant i stop crying?

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if u think u r not an emotional person, and that u dont cry, i will tell u what u should do

or actually read,

i just read this story on wattpad, its name is " The Journal (bxb) " , it is a 20 part story and the authors name is skenekidz,

i dont cry in movies even if they r tragic, but i am literally crying right now,

its not a few silent tears, but actually full on crying,

( and i am not advertising, i dont even know if u can earn money on this website)

but consider it a challenge, read the whole story, and try to not cry at all.

Another story which is quite sad (but i didnt read it whole, i saw first by reading the last chapter first that it is verryyy sad)

is called ".52" (i closed it before i could read the author) but it is a bit long , it has more chapters

Read that too, and tell me how sad was it

The real challenge , however, is reading the first story i told, and NOT crying AT ALL

Good luck, now i am gonna cry some more, how do i stop crying?!!