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Why did I even bother....

I’m filled with sadness, but yet no tears.

im scared as hell, but I show no fear.

I try my best and yet I still fail.

No one loves me and it’s A never ending hell.

the pain is so great that I become numb.

because who tf wants fat piece of shit who is dumb. I try I try I try, but it’s always the same answer. False hopes and realities is what I’ve come to foster.

who would’ve thought the the great me would live so cold. I seem so happy to everyone else, but not a single fucking person will know what I hold. Why because of this fucked up world where a man shouldn’t show what hits close to home.

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Re: Why did I even bother....

I feel you.

I wish I could say something to make you feel better..but all I have is, you are not alone in what you are feeling.

That doen't really make the pain any less bearable, I know but..being true to what you are feeling can be pretty helpful. You don't really have to mask it to make others comfortable. Be it a close friend, a partner, or even a pet, allow yourself to be vulnerable infront of them. I feel like a hyprocrite saying all this, because I too struggle with opening up but, I hope you can find a space to completely be yourself without having doubts or guilt about doing it. Sending love.

I can feel you man!!

I totally can!!