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Why did she have to cut me off of her life like that?

We became friends two years ago. Both of us like kpop, anime etc., and we never ran out of topics to discuss about. In school we used to have lunch together. We were a group of three people. Her birthday was in the monnth of march. Everything was perfectly fine among us. One fine day we were casually chatting in the gc (three days before her birthday)and then she all of a sudden left the gc and blocked both of us. I called her many a times but she did not pick up the phone and i asked a few of her other friends to contact her and ask if everything is okay with her. Surprisingly she picked up their calls and did not pick any of mine. I thought some time alone is what she needed so i gave her the same and at that time i was pretty sure that she'd unblock me a day before her birthday so i just waited but i was wrong. I called her up at midnight to wish her but she did not pick up. Literally 36 missed calls and she received none. Did not even call back. The next thing i know is that she texts one of my friends ' ask her not to try so hard. I really appreciate the effort but she deserves better people in her life. ' I was so sad and angry at her at that point. l atleast deserve for her to give me a good reason for cutting me off of her life. What was so wrong that she had to break this friendship. We haven't talked since then. I was really hurt. What do you think about it?

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Re: Why did she have to cut me off of her life like that?

Ah ok well I guess what you could do is make new friends in school but after school go to her house? Maybe approach her if you see her around. just remember that you’re worth more than chasing after someone who isn’t giving you the time of day and that if she can’t see the best in you then it’s her loss not yours.

Oof their song gods menu is fireeee. Idk I used to really like nct and vixx but I started to feel shitty cause of how “perfect” they were so I was like NO and started watching kdramas

I think she feels like she’s not worth you, she shouldn’t get to decide that but some people think that what they think is the best. I don’t know how badly the virus is where you live but my advice is that once school starts again you should approach her and have a conversation. Tell her she owes you an explanation and if you still want her in your life then honestly fight for her, you fight for the people you love. I don’t agree with what she did but she probably had a reason that u don’t know about :/ I hope everything works out and if u never become friends again... then maybe its for the best? If she left just like that she was probably going to leave eventually and u don’t need those kind of people in your life!!! Also who’s your bias? Lol

If you were just friends why bother so much if she decides to cut you off, the last time I knew I girl behaved this way, she was seen someone else.

It's hard not to think About it but you should let her be, you are given her too much attention and it's making her feel too special pls look for someone else that will fill that vacuum sometimes it's the only way to get over it and if I were you when ever I see her again I will behave as if I never knew her.

hi its me thankyou for the reply i don't know if I'll get to talk it out cause school's not gonna reopen anytime soon and next year we'll most prolly part ways(junior college admissions). Even I want things to go back to normal.

i stan stray kids and bts. my biases- felix, jimin :)