why do I feel betrayed

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I met this boy a few years ago I used to hate him but he always liked me so I would reject him all the time one day he found out my email and he started texting me at first it was annoying then in dec 2018 we stared actually talking then I thought to myself "he's not that bad" then a few months later I stared liking him and told him we dated a little then it was an on and off thing bc I was scared of getting caught- but then in August of 2019 he stoped texting me suddenly (at this point we can't see each other irl anymore bc his parents hate me) so when he stopped texting I texted him a few weeks later saying "are you ok? what happened?" and he said he was caught up with friends but he would always make time for me so I was sis then a few months pass and I text him again and he suddenly went all crazy on me.. on the screen I was tough but behind it I was crying so hard that I had to close my room and lock it to make sure my parents didn't hear cus they had no clue this was happening.. so then almost a year passes since he suddenly stoped texting its June 9th and his mom and sister come over for the first time in 2 years (its 2020) so me and his sister catch up a little but she still hates me but not as much- so then on July 17th (I think) I see him for the first time in years and the first time I talk to him in a year so at first it was weird but then we started talking again online and irl so we became good friends and over the time we weren't talking my feelings grew dramatically I was in LOVE- so then its dec 5th 2020 and I confess to him at first he didn't believe me and thought it was a prank but after a little bit he realized I wasn't joking and said he liked me too so every day we are saying "I love you" "good morning" and "good night" stuff like that and I felt like it was perfect then at a Christmas event at my youth group on the 13th he ask me to be his girlfriend and I was so happy I was crying and when he asked I just ran up and hugged him saying yes in the softest voice I was so happy that I thought life was amazing until.. his parents found out and banned us to talk irl and online.. last time I talked to him or saw him was on February 12th and all I said was happy birthday.. last real conversation and the last hug I had with him was Christmas.. its April 14th 2:44 am yesterday was our 4 months and I cant even say it to him.. thank you for reading