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Why do I have to love him

Why do I have to be in love with the guy that is never gonna put an eye on me? Why do I have to be in love with a 17 being a 3.8? Why do I feel like this? Why do I think about him every time? Why am I in love with him even tho I have never even talked to him? Like he has everything anybody would want in life. He is handsome, has a looooot of friends, is extremely talented and has probably really good grades. Who would put an eye on me with a life like that. I hate feelings

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Re: Why do I have to love him

Maybe you should make the first move? Say hi or find him on social media etc.

If not then there are so many fish in the sea. You may feel like this about someone now but i promise you youll feel more than twice that with your soul mate.

I thought i loved someone, but im in a different relationship now and i couldnt have been more wrong. Keep your eyes open hun, the one who will love you and you will love them will be out there and youll probably meet when youd never expect it xx