Why do Republicans have rabies?

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You lost. You actually lost in 2016 too but the electoral college fucked up the process so it didnt matter that you lost the popular vote. Ever since that 2016 election, these hills have eyes karen frankenstein jackasses have been activated everywhere, boomer tantrums, appointing nazi repackaged rhetoric aka Q anon to high positions of power. They lost their shit over a fabrication for 4 years: Antifa, a literal boogie man made up by Fox 666 news because trump was so shitty they needed to distract. Their brain worms have rotted them hollow, their masks are falling off all proving to be the fascists we called them from day 1. I met this family who lived in an expensive liberal area, they are the epitome of how sinister republicans are. They had this facade like they were a normal family, their college aged kids were cool and gave me a beer, really trying to get on my good side then they start grilling me asking if I was part of antifa, if I go to protests...they are like children who think everything on tv is real only they are boomers or more accurately GEN X.