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Why does being single suck?

I've realized over the years just how lonely I am, with no significant other to call mine. For my entire High School career, even up until now, I never found anyone attractive save for a small few in recent times, I've never been in a relationship of any kind and still have the V-Card (I have a physical V-Card, no joke). I also started questioning my sexuality in the last year, and I've found more guys attractive since I started acknowledging an attraction to other men. 19 years I've been alone, with almost no one to relate to, no one to confide in, no one to love, and clueless about how to start looking. Everyone around me is finding their own guy or gal, and I'm stuck here in my house stewing in self-loathing and pity. I'm done being alone, but I don't know how to stop being alone since it's everything I've ever known.

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Re: Why does being single suck?

Yo you don’t need someone to get with you need someone that you respect enough to be with for all the time that it takes to make a relationship work. like it’s not easy when your in a relationship as it is when your single so when people say your better off working on yourself in bc they’ve broken up their relationships to work on themselves or to find someone they can work with better they mean it It’s not going to work out if you rush in to it and it’s gonna be more trouble than it’s worth that’s just life

like real talk anyone can be in a relationship but only confident and strong people stay in them, it’s bigger than a crush and bigger than friendship, relationships are work my guy, lots of work and you have to be

I wish I fell in love at the end of college and not early in high school the nightmare and drama filled years of figuring not only your own thing is suppose to be but also figuring out what your relationships suppose to be

My gf and I could have definitely had a more solid relationship from the get go if we had went through our shot first and were both real adults I don’t mean like over 18 I mean genuinely adults at heart