Why does everyone use me?

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Everyone I know only wants to use me, my parents use me to get at each other and cause fights, they’re meant to love me yet all they do is cause me misery, everyone at school only wants me for stupid reasons, “oh hey can you do this for me?” “I know you’re really nice so you’ll do this thing right?” “Come on don’t be a dick just do it” I’m sick of it all, my family are assholes and I hate them all, all I am is a tool for them, nobody ever asks me what I want to do all they want is for me to do something for them, can I just fucking do something for myself ever?? I just want to finish school so I can leave this god forsaken place and have nothing to do with anybody, anyways I’ve never done anything like this but it’s pretty nice to get it out haha thanks for reading if anyone sees this

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