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Why does my life suck

Hey I come from a family that is well off I have all my basic needs and some wants 😂. My family is good to me in every way but I feel so bad all the time. I’m always holding my breathe around them and they are not to blame I just don’t know how to tell them I’m sad. I have a few friends and they know how I feel, but I feel like a burden so i spend half the time saying sorry cause I feel like I’m weighing them down. I know ending my life is the easiest way to stop feeling bad and sad the whole time but I do not want to die I’m just tired of being alive.

I’m trying. How are you doing?

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Re: Why does my life suck

Stop being sad..brain is a tool that plays games with u ...it makes u feel low...The one way is to tell ur brain that its not what he says that u will do , its he who should do what u say. Make urself busy and change ur daily cycle. And pls dont talk of taking ur life..even thinking of it is a sin...I m also sufferer like u...but its u who can hange urself...So, fuck Other things and constantly focus on what to achieve. U should try making a gol everyday. Smile😊😊

i completely relate to you. this year has been really hard on me - with my grandpa and my 8 year old cat dying, my dad being quarantined in another country, my mom always being mean to me among other things. ive had weeks were everynight is a mental breakdown and i beat myself up (mentally) for being ungrateful an ungrateful brat. i tell myself that i dont deserve having such a good life and that other people deserve it more than me. i was always sad and always had a heavy heart, sometimes even while im hanging out with my friends.

my tip is : be patient, everything will be alright. something good will come your way sooner or later just wait for it.