Why does no one understand me?

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Hi there.

I am in a state of mind where I don't know what to do. My teacher complains that i don't talk and interact with the class and keeps cutting my grades for that, like what can I talk about, everybody (including my friends) speaks so well and socializes with people but i can't do that, no matter how hard i try this is the issue with school and now at home, my parents pamper my brother so much that it feels like i don't exist anymore,he does things and he never have to get granded for things he does. Small things that I do are considered a big crime and i face punishments which literally makes me more depressed and lonely like taking my phone away and cutting internet only for me and restricting internet.I dont have anyone who can understand the pain i go through, i dont have proper friends who i can talk to there is nothing more i can do to make myself happy feels like i am just a burden all over.