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Why even.

I really just want to off myself. It has become clear to me that I am an awful mother and and equally shitty wife. I attempted to suffocate myself this morning...but my daughter called me... I hate myself so much.

I am awful at keeping my home clean. And it makes the husband angry. Why did he even marry me? He doesn't even act like he likes me.

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Please don’t you are valued and you are loved! Your daughter would be heartbroken if she knew how you were feeling and I’m so glad she called you. Keeping your home clean is not the most important thing, you can watch videos or you can organize to try and make it cleaner. Your daughter is probably a beautiful young woman who loves her mother and would do anything for you. If your husband is angry from a messy house because he doesn’t understand your mental state that’s horrible. If you ever need anyone to talk to I’m always here I know I’m a stranger and you might not want to but I’m always here for anyone and if you need some emotional support I can help! @mirasmythliu