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Its been 310days i like him.. Now i love him more harder.. everyday i'm thinking about him..he also my comfort zone')..he always cheer me when i'm not in a good situation.. he's smiles like medicine to me.. but something happen to him') almost 1weeks he not post.. i know he going through hard situation rn.. how i can help him? he live far from me..i only can give comfortletter to him').. i feel sick waiting him like this..i miss him so much..wishing him to be okay.. and now i really hate someone who like to blame other without thinking what they will feel.. yes he always look happy outside but we dont know what he feel in the inside.. Now he feel guilty..im sad thinking about him..that he will be okay?what he doing now? the more sad is...i'm only his fans..all i can do just support him from here..i can't block negative word people give to him') sometimes i blame myself... watch videos picture about him make me more sick pain hurt sad... he always said always remember that he loves us..but now thats word sound sad')

i miss you alot 에릭') its okay i'm here..i will give ghost hug to you..dont blame yourself..i love you..