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Why i hate my mum.

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Umm... I don't know where to start. My mum and dad are so problematic for many reasons. One of them being racism, however this is not what I want to talk about.

My mum sometimes makes jokes about my weight and she knows that I don't like it but still does it anyways. Once I was at a friend's house and I was going to go on an exercise bar and my mum said ( in front of my friend and my friends mum btw), " watch out! I don't think that the bar will hold you!" Which hurt so badly that I didn't talk to her again for the rest of the day. Another situation is that I was trying on a prom dress because I wanted to see how I looked in it and again she said," loose a few kilograms and you'll actually look nice then." I just went to my room. Because of her I don't like eating food and when I do I overeat and then after i starve myself for about a week from the guilt of eating so much. Because of her I don't look in the mirror from the side. Because of her I don't like skin tight clothes. Because of her I cry nearly every night because of the comments she made. Because if her I don't get a second helping of pizza for example even though I'm still hungry. Because of her I wish I could jump when I am on a high place. Because of her I want to stab myself when looking at a knife.

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