Why is everything just pain.

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I am just gonna go off now on all my problems I have had in these last two months I hate school so bad I am ignored and the teachers are so bad and the kids are bad there and I have no true friends all of them have somebody more worth their time and nothing is changing I have been crying so much every day I keep it all to myself and nobody ever wants to listen or care I am always that one annoying friend that just wants to be included and I just get into so many arguments right now I’m mad at all my friends I talk to and my cousin lied to me about her Minecraft being down even thought she could have just said she didn’t want to play but she probably just wanted to go hang out with her other friend and just talk about anime or swear there is never room for me in any bodies time I feel like I’m never needed and I just haven’t felt happy for months I’ve just been tired and everything always just hurts.